Finally organization!!! Well getting there….

I have never been an everything has a place kind of person. Don’t get me wrong I’m not messy,messy at least on Saturday when my house is clean ;). Honestly I consider myself a “neater” it looks neat but seldom gets “cleaned” you know washing, scrubbing all that. The bathrooms do get cleaned on a regular basis and the kitchen sink. Who has the time? I work usually 6-7 hours a day,then the kids get home and it really is a hopeless cause after that. So what to do, what to do ? I have been deep cleaning and organizing 1 cupboard a day. Yesterday it was a kitchen cupboard, today a bathroom cupboard. It is amazing how a little organizing can make a person feel invigorated! I’m not setting any resolutions to organize my whole house but doing what I can when I have the time fits me fine.


Leftover Scrapbook Paper?

butterfly card set

I used to be a consultant for a scrapbooking/stamp comapny (which I loved). I have been an avid scrapper for years, but alas the technology world has sucked me in. For me and my living space situation it is much more economical to do digital books and have them printed and sent to me and not have all the clutter.  In the long run (the way I used to scrapbook that is) it is much cheaper for me to do it digital. Sooooo..I have a ton of awesome paper left over. I  LOVE to paper craft!!! I have been making card sets which include 1 folder with 5 cards and 5 envelopes. I am just using the scraps that are in each of my paper sets and saving my uncut 12×12 pages for the “old school” scrapping I have left to do. The picture quality isn’t the best. Ill work in it.