Finally organization!!! Well getting there….

I have never been an everything has a place kind of person. Don’t get me wrong I’m not messy,messy at least on Saturday when my house is clean ;). Honestly I consider myself a “neater” it looks neat but seldom gets “cleaned” you know washing, scrubbing all that. The bathrooms do get cleaned on a regular basis and the kitchen sink. Who has the time? I work usually 6-7 hours a day,then the kids get home and it really is a hopeless cause after that. So what to do, what to do ? I have been deep cleaning and organizing 1 cupboard a day. Yesterday it was a kitchen cupboard, today a bathroom cupboard. It is amazing how a little organizing can make a person feel invigorated! I’m not setting any resolutions to organize my whole house but doing what I can when I have the time fits me fine.


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