Killer legs

First I have to explain I am not going to be going to the gym more than likely at all the next 10 days or so. My blog has the word “fair” in the title for a reason. I live on a fairgrounds and help manage them and this time of year I help with fair week. Well today marks day one of the Sublette County Fair. The days are about 10-14 hours days (or longer) so to wake up early and go to the gym is impossible for me for the next few days. I will get plenty of cardio. Hopefully I can eat enough that is always the hard part when things get busy…I forget to eat even though I do have meal timers on my phone. I have stalked up on Quest protein bars, greek yogurt mixed with protein powder, veggies, water and a few other things to keep me going healthy and strong throughout the day. It is fair so I am not going to lie I may indulge in a burger or two also. I mean really!! But I wanted to end strong until my next workout so I woke up early today. I was actually kind of dreading this new leg exercise but at the same time excited to see how I could handle it. Wellllll it was T.O.U.G.H but I got through it and I loved it. I am sure I will barley be able to walk in the morning or the next few days but for me that is my reminder to stay on track. I worked for it hard for those sore legs I’m not going to screw it up by going all crazy on funnel cakes, hand dipped corn dogs, philly cheese sandwiches…well you get the picture 🙂 I hope to share the going’s on at my County Fair.


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