The Strong Man’s Biggest Fan

My husband has nicknamed my daughter Templeton. As in the fair rat on Charlotte’s web. She is just that a fair rat. She is all over the fair everyday and through the night. She will tell you what shows are good to watch what shows are not and were the best treats are at. Her absolute favorite show this year is The Strong Man. I really think she has been to almost all of his show’s. Her favorite trick is “fry pan roll” were he rolls a frying pan into a tube. I’m not sure if she is getting obsessed with muscles because of the training I am doing. I don’t think it is entirely a bad thing if she is. John (The Strong Man) is a genuine, kind family man. I have been able to visit with him and I love the way he talks about his wife with that twinkle in his eyes and his children. Did I mention he is a nurse in real life? If you ever have the chance to see the Strong Man you are in for an incredible treat.



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