Dang Email & Inspirations

The hardest part of having an online coach is you can’t pick up the phone to ask why she hasn’t answered my emails. I was able to chat with her yesterday through facebook,something I should have done weeks ago 🙂 . I knew it was out of her character not to answer me back she never did that before. Come to find out my emails were not going through for the last month. I am not sure why but I think it was on my end through phone line and internet upgrades that have been going on were I live. Makes me feel dumb but with that out of the way now I want to talk to you a little about a few of my inspirations including my coach.

First I will start with my friend Tessica. When I lived in Idaho a few years ago there was this short Mexican chica that I thought was so dang cute at the gym.  She was also a spinning instructor, zumba, and did body pump classes. I admire her so much because she is beautiful inside and out and had a ton of muscle. She has always been so kind to answer my curious questions through the years. That is were my figure seed was planted.


Tessica Schumacher

Now on to Jenny.  Jennifer Solomon is a friend I grew up with we graduated high school together.  I have always looked up to her as an athlete I admired through school. ( I wasn’t active in sports except rodeo) Jen has 2 dang cute boys but was sick of her body looking the way it did. So she trained for a figure competition. I know she was in the gym waaaaay too early in the morning and went at night sometimes too. She didn’t live next to the gym it is 10 or 15 minute drive. When she started posting pictures of her story and then her competition pictures and I started thinking …dang I really want to look like that someday.


Another friend I have had since the 6th grade also competes in figure Roni Perry. I have bugged her over the years with countless questions about exercise, eating and everything else. I have always looked up to her for her dedication. If she wants something she will work hard to get it.  Her quote to me a few months ago “if I can do it, you can do it” I have been trying to heed her advice and “do it”!


Roni Perry

Now onto one of my coaches…Brooke Erickson IFBB pro. I do not know Brooke personally all that well. My friend Jenny is the one who referred me to her. I think she was one of the best picks for me to start training with. I love her take on nutrition, training and life in general. She has been over weight and under weight now she has found her happy medium and enjoys helping others do the same. This is a quote Brooke put on her facebook a couples weeks a go and it sums up why she is one of my inspirations  “I’m not the biggest or the smallest. I’m not the strongest or the weakest. I am not the prettiest or the ugliest. I don’t work hard to be any of those things… I work hard to just be the best version of me and even though my best version may never win… I will never stop trying to be my best”  Thanks Brooke for all your help.



Brooke Erickson IFBB Pro (find her on facebook)

I first started this journey training for a figure competition (which yes I hope to accomplish one day). I have learned shaping my body the way I want takes hard work, dedication and most of all patience. There are days I think I want to give up then I look at these 4 inspiring woman I have just talked about and know that is not an option for me.  If I can inspire one person on this earth to help them realize the body they want is attainable than I have done my duty because seriously “if I can do it, anyone can”.




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