Before and After’s so far

Before and After's so far

I decided to start my bodybuilding journey in October of 2012. In the beginning until the Spring of 2013 I was doing it on my own with researching things on the internet and bending some friends ears who also did bodybuilding. I then started with a trainer in April. I worked with her for 16 weeks she helped a lot with everything. I feel things are going much slower than I would like, but building muscle is one of the hardest things I have ever done.

The top pictures were taken in October of 2012 the bottom pictures are from September 2013 almost a year.  I have lost a total of 5 inches from my body as far as my legs, waist and hips go. My weight starting was 140lbs  right now I am 135, I am not sure how much lean muscle I have accumulated but I know it is quite a bit. I have went from 22% body fat to 17%. I guess for most looking at my measurements and  weight may feel like my progress hasn’t been all that great especially for a year. I feel pictures do not do me justice 🙂 I feel good I know my clothes fit so much better in all the right places and I have definition everywhere that I want.

Yes, my ultimate goal is to someday compete in a figure competition and when I first started that was all I was worried about was “when will I be able to compete” ? I don’t think about that much anymore. I am focused on continuing with my training of course but also knowing that I will be ready when I am ready. I made a lifestyle change 6 months ago and plan on continuing down this road for the long haul.


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