I am debating if I want to do two separate blogs. One for my fitness and one for my family. Keep Brower Family Fair for my family and fair blog and I have another name for my other but I don’t want to say it just yet 🙂 It is just a thought. I know I am not a great blog writer. I would love to be and learn everything about it but not sure if it’s my time to do that yet. It is funny how we all have these great ideas or things we want to do/accomplish but yet when is the right time? Do you just jump in and do it? Do you start little by little or wait until you can get things what you feel are just right?

My training is still going good. I am more motivated now ( I will probably give my reasoning for that in another post). I have started adding in GVT (German Volume Training) into my exercises I can see it is helping build my muscle better than anything else I have done. It is tough. An example of GVT would be doing 10 barbell squats 10 times. I found this article that describes it nicely from




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