My Absolute Favorite’s at the Rocky Mountain Association of Fairs.

Some may know some may not. I work at a Fairgrounds (hence my blog name) and a couple times a year we have the chance to go to conventions and take classes to further our education in the industry, network with other fairs, make new friends and watch the best entertainment around. When we go to these conventions our fair board books the entertainment and acts for our fair. The fair at our Fairgrounds is a small county fair…but with huge amounts of entertainment and fun! The dates for our fair this year are July 19th – July 26th. I am going to give you all a highlight of the entertainment that we were able to see along with some of my absolute favorites.

A couple times a day we get to watch the showcasing either on the stage or strolling. These are entertainers that have been chosen by a committee to perform in front of everyone. This act I am about to introduce you to are two of the best people I have ever met in my life they are kind, generous and so fun to watch and be around. Mango and DangoSAMSUNG

These two perform a stage show and do stroll through the crowd too. The kids are in awe of their wacky hair and makeup and think their flying umbrella ship is something straight out of a story. As you can see in the picture my daughter adored them. Find more info about Mango and Dango on their facebook page and Website.

One performance that really stood out was a guy named Jason D. Williams. He reminds you of Jerry Lee Lewis. If you have ever heard the name Jerry Lee Lewis than you know that you are in for a treat if you haven’t than check them both out 🙂 Jason can Boogie with the best of them and likes to let lose and party on stage. He is fun and can keep and get a crowd going. Here is a sample on youtube. Enjoy! he is also on facebook.

Next up is Willy and Lloyd. I have always heard of Washboard Willy but I have never had the chance to see him. I can say I was truly missing out all of these years. Willy is so Awesome with his washboard instrument I don’t think anyone that hasn’t seen it could even imagine how Awesome it is. I haven’t seen Lloyd Mabrey either and again missing out…he is funny! the two of them teaming up is a duo unlike any other, music and comedy for the whole family.

There were so many other acts I would like to recognize but it would be a huge post if I did..These were some of my absolute favorites. but I would like to recognize these others who were great! Most of them are on facebook check them out.

Charles Peachock-Juggler
Damsel – Singing Duo (gorgeous girls)
Powerhouse – cloggers
Luminasia – Would love to see these lamp type structures up at an event they are beautiful
Dick Hardiwck – Comedian (so Funny)
Divas through the ages – (beautiful blondes) with great voices
Cowgirl Ticks (Karen Quest)- comedian trick roper would be a really fun addition to any fair or rodeo.
Artie Hemphill & the Iron Horse Band – Love their songs and voices
Pippi the Clown – One of the best clowns in the world!


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