Coming Clean

The last month I have hardly exercised at all. Mostly because I have been to L.A.Z.Y. There is no other excuse. I have not been eating nearly as good as I have been since April when I started this life style change. It is so easy to lay in bed and talk myself out of exercise. The way I have been justifying my eating is ” at the be beginning of the year I will start fresh.” Today I decided that is a bunch of B.S.!!!! I am setting a goal. In three months I will have abs you can see. I have been focused on building muscle to compete in a figure competition. I have not built up the muscle I have hoped. I am trying to figure out what my body likes and doesn’t like in that process. Building muscle has been my focus so I’m going to change that focus just for awhile. I still want to compete in a competition..I’m just not sure when it could be a year, two years or 6 months. When I’m ready I will know 🙂 and keep you informed.

I exercised today and it felt great. My legs didn’t know what to think and are going to be sore tomorrow but I can’t wait to do it all over again in the morning. Have a Happy New Year set some goals one for 3 months from now, another 6 months and another for a year from now. Keep your motivation up and strong. Stay close with those that inspire you and remember to inspire others in the process. This is my New Year’s wish to you.


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