The picture says it all.


I have had something on my mind for quite awhile now.  My family and I were heading back to Wyoming from Idaho and we stopped at a convenience store for gas, we were all starving too. I’m not sure if I really thought we would be able to find anything wholesome in there but I assumed “yes” something. Well we could have had a choice between overly cooked corn dogs, nacho’s or the regular meaningless calorie grub. There was  jerky or some packaged individual cheeses but really  nothing else. I literally looked around at the contents of the store and wanted to scream. Not just because I was hungry but because this is what America has become. We have become a nation of fast food and grab and go. I’m sure most of you know that so this is a refresher.

The vast minority of American’s eat whole healthy foods, even less actually exercise on a regular basis. I have fit into both of those categories like most of us. The reason I wrote this today is because, I just got back from Wally World and was buying some deli meat and looked to my right and there were all of the cakes, cheesecakes, donuts, pies well you get my drift. I have a goal I am trying to meet in 3 months. Do you know how hard it is to stick to a fitness goal with all of that crap screaming in your face “eat me, eat me”?I’m pretty sure it was screaming that 🙂 ok maybe not.

I wish I could say I have will power as strong as Thor’s mighty hammer, but the sad truth is I don’t. I work on it regularly, probably closer to a hundred times a day. I know why weight loss is hard for so so many, it is a constant mind game that we have to turn into our normal routine and it is tough! I don’t want to deter anyone from losing weight or getting in shape because I said it is tough, as long as you know it going into it than I think you have the upper hand.  I know most might think that I have it made. The reason I post daily motivation is for me to keep me going towards my goals. I love it if someone else can benefit from it but to stay motivated you have to be motivated regularly and that what it’s all about.

put it back


It really isn’t worth it!