Map journaling

Our newly retired librarian spoils me and gets me books she knows I will like. She surprised me with a book on map making. I will edit this post when I get back home with the name of the book.

We are heading out on a trip for Spring break and I thought it would be so fun and possibly keep  the kids busy to make a map of our trip. I drew a game board style map in their art journals. It is so fun and easy! It requires us all to pay attention to everything around us. Here is just the beginning of mine. I will be adding paint and colors to it as I go or when I get back.




Winds of change

Not sure if this one is done yet. It was inspired by another Dina Wakely lesson.


The wings of change bring treasure’s… Embrace change. I used gelatos, stamp brushes and close to my heart acrylic stamps.

Sunday Art Journaling March 22, 2015

We had another good lesson at church today. As we were discussing the topic a sister said something that I wrote down that I really liked. She said “we are united in one cause. We as sisters can help each other be happy and lift one another up”. I really really like that and thought it would be perfect for my art journal today.

This page was a lesson out of Dina Wakelys book “Courage”. I added the text. These books are fantastic if you are just starting in the art journaling world.

I gesso’d the page because all I am using right now is a composition book. I don’t have stencils yet so I used some corrugated cardboard for the green and blue background. I drew the flower with a #8 pencil and went over the top with a black marker pen. The flowers were filled in with acrylic paints.


Napkin Scribbles

I stole this cute girl from my friends daughter. Well I actually asked her if I could have it to use in my at journal. She drew it with a sharpie on a napkin. I added it to a background I have been working on and it fit perfectly. I painted her with my koi watercolors. I just really love it!


Art Journal Sundays

I love to art journal on Sundays. Inspiration comes so easy as you sit and listen to the lesson. This page is from my Sunday school class it is Matthew 13:19-23 (King James version) the parable of tares of the field.

The journal page is describing the seeds received by the way side, received the seed in stony places were it can’t take root, the seed received among the thorns being choked by worldly cares and riches and last the seed received into good soil to grow and bring forth fruit.

I’m not finished yet with the journaling but just wanted to share I’ll add the final page once it is all done.


My pages are crinkly because all this journal is is an old composition book that I have painted with gesso but I love the texture in real life pictures don’t seem to do it justice.

What music get your mind flowing with creativity?

music inspires

I am a country girl I will admit and have been around that genre of music most of my life. The new stuff I can say I am not fond of all that much. There are a few artist’s that I do like for example Kasey Musgraves. I don’t know what it is about this girl but I just love her sound and almost all her songs. My pandora play list has got to be one of the goofiest around. Lately I have been listening to my “Phantom of the Opera” station along with Phantom songs it brings up The sound of Music, Fiddler on the roof and Disney songs. But I am LOVING it! My play list reminds me of what goes on in my brain, I swear. One day I will be listening to Opera, the next ACDC, then Johnny Cash or Marty Robbins then who know Kid Rock or something like that.  I am sure most people have play list’s like mine I just find it so funny.

Inspiration from a song.

A few days ago I was able to go to a fun concert at our local performing arts center. The groups name was O Sole Trio. They sang beautiful Neapolitan Opera mixed with some Italian American songs as well as others. My 9 year old daughter loved Mambo Italiano and has been listening to it ever since. They also sang I’ve got the world on a string. For some reason I thought that would make a fun art journal page. But I think there is a deeper meaning there too for me. This year I have decided to take control and get what I want out of my life which is essentially “putting my world on a string” and controlling it the way I want. Or at least it sounds good.