What music get your mind flowing with creativity?

music inspires

I am a country girl I will admit and have been around that genre of music most of my life. The new stuff I can say I am not fond of all that much. There are a few artist’s that I do like for example Kasey Musgraves. I don’t know what it is about this girl but I just love her sound and almost all her songs. My pandora play list has got to be one of the goofiest around. Lately I have been listening to my “Phantom of the Opera” station along with Phantom songs it brings up The sound of Music, Fiddler on the roof and Disney songs. But I am LOVING it! My play list reminds me of what goes on in my brain, I swear. One day I will be listening to Opera, the next ACDC, then Johnny Cash or Marty Robbins then who know Kid Rock or something like that.  I am sure most people have play list’s like mine I just find it so funny.


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