The craziness of summer

Seems like this summer has been much more crazy than most. Our summer’s are always busy here at the fairgrounds and rightfully so we wouldn’t ask for anything different. We are trying to get our old house sold also in a different state and that has proven to be rough going back and forth. I think we are seeing a light at the end of that tunnel so I’m feeling hopeful.
The problem for me about busyness is I don’t like not being able to take me time. I know that sounds selfish but I really and truly believe it to be more about self preservation. There is definitely a point where me time can become selfish but all I ask is for a little creative space. You mom’s and dad’s know what I mean. When you have a project that keeps eating at you and eating at you and you think about it everyday but never have time to start.
Today during my lunch break I took a little me time. I haven’t worked on my art journal for awhile I decided to crack it open and see what I could do. I gesso’d some pages awhile back and used an acrylic stamp to imprint some images. Then I used my watercolor pencils to fill it in. I really love the look. This is just in background stage not sure what the pages will be used for but they are pretty to look at.


Here is an up close of one of the stamped images.



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