Simple Recipes

It is my husband’s birthday today and I heard through the grapevine that for his birthday he would like someone to drive to Idaho and bring his mom to our house so she could make him potato salad. Really?! That guy loves his moms cooking. I was searching the internet. I was looking for a certain recipe that I knew was a good potato salad recipe (haven’t found it yet) I wonder who has my Mormon Handicraft cookbook? Hmmm… In my searches I came across this great file of old time recipes. I actually typed in “mormon potato salad recipes” 🙂 this is one that came up.

I think they are similar to what the pioneers used with the limited ingredients they had or at least something that even our grandparents would have used. I have only quickly browsed through but I love comparing the way we live to the way the pioneers did. I always think of the things that pioneer children knew how to do at such a young age, like cook, clean the laundry and do chores that most 16 year old’s don’t even do today.

What did your grandma cook that you miss? My Grandma Lila was a mean cook. There wasn’t a whole lot that she would fix that I wouldn’t eat, except Cream Tuna or Beep on a shingle that my dad so lovingly would refer to it. Speaking of Tuna though she made the absolute best Tuna fish sandwiches. Grandma’s Tuna fish sandwiches consisted of White bread with butter on both sides the tuna fish was mixed with mayo (never ever miracle whip for me) then cheese, pickles and onions. Hmmm..mmm I’m pretty sure that is what I am having for lunch. But with wheat bread minus the butter 😉