My new Creations

During the last holiday season I wanted something specific for my dad and mother-inlaw. I went looking and did find a few things that I liked but nothing that really grabbed  me. Than my husband just said “why don’t you make it”? So I did. I wanted something so cool that when the kids went to grandma or grandpa’s they would ask “where is the book”? Everyone would know what they were talking about. The books purpose is to sit and visit with Grandpa about his past and present like an interview with grandpa. I don’t want it shoved away and saved I want it to be shared and loved let the kids flip through the pages even if the pages feel brittle.  If anything rips or tears it either glue it back in or leave it loose it ads to the character kind of like an old treasure map or something. This book I am showing you for my nephews and sister-in-law to share with their very special grandpa/dad. I’m working on some more and hope to share more pictures with you soon.


Front cover


Just a few pages. I love the old men’s wear catalogs you can find in public domains to print.


I like to use the pages out of the books that I remove to make envelopes with.



Some collage fun.



I love the color contrast from the different book pages.


Just a little selection of the pages there are about 30 pages in ech book I do. A lot of time and love go into them. I really enjoy making them and hope to get some more out to loved ones.


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